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Aft Beam


The Aft Beam has been heavily modified to accommodate seating in the starboard half & work bench with sink on the inboard port side plus BBQ platform on the outboard port side. Storage for gas ( 2 * 9kg bottles) under the sink. A shower & deck hose station will also be added.
This is a setup of the modified beam. The 2 end radius panels will be fitted to protrude below the beam into the hulls. They are set here to allow correct placement of the other panels. The beam has been raised to 900mm. The STBD half has a seat in front. This will have a removable seat to allow storage under.The shelf on the table behind will be fitted behind the seat to create a compartment for storage of boat hook, fishing rods, spear guns, etc. An access hatch will be cut into the end radius. The straight section of the PORT half is to allow storage of 2 * 9kg gas bottles under a sink with a BBQ platform on the outer half. A door will be cut into the front of the sink section.


Following are pictures of the final product.

Left view shows the Aft Beam with all the lids,doors & hatches closed. The hand rail is located on high density fibreglass posts.Excellent system of attachment & can be seen in exploded view in end locker. View below shows hand hed shower. The vessels name will be displayed on this panel.

Left view shows the curved shape of the beam. The black spot on the side wall of the BBQ platform to port is the bayonet connector for the gas supply to the BBQ.


The above 2 views show all compartments open. The rail support rod can be seen in the end locker of the right hand shot.
The drawers are an addition to the original plan. top drawer for BBQ & sink utensils & the bottom drawer for fishing gear. The sink has been insulated to be used as a day Eski. (1 carton & bag of ice). The end locker will hold boat hook, spear guns, fishing rods, broom etc. The door has clearance for ventilation. Seat cushions & BBQ will be stored under seat. Sink & hand held shower have hot & cold fresh water. The sink lid opens to become a table extension or a fish cleaning table draining to rear & accessible via the swim platform when raised to bridge deck level. The drawers are self latching, European Beech timber with dovetailed joints (swish).
This is a view of the area under the sink.The sink is insulated with the drain going to a grey water tank in the port hull. The box at left top is the hand held shower with hot/cold water which runs above the doors to the sink.The gas bottles are secured in the two brackets with gas leading to a selector valve through a regulator, past a solenoid cut off valve operated from the galley in case of a gas leak in the cabin, to a tee going to the BBQ bayonet and the cooker in the galley.

Completed weight;  105 Kgs including 2 * 9kg Gas Bottles.  Centre of effort at Station 9.