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Anchor Deck

Top Panel & front panel have been made. the curved bottom panel is being made in 2 pieces with the cut out for the Nacelle already made. A glass panel has been laid up by hand on the table. this panel will be used to vacuum bag the curved panel, as seen in the photos. this panel will later be cut up to use as the tags used to join all the segmented bulkheads together during final assembly. 30mm contour foam has been used to make the curved panel. The flow of resin along the contour cuts between resin injection lines is blocked by the insertion of a PVC edge tape strip in a channel parallel to the injection lines.

Weight of curved bottom panels;   58 Kg.


Weight;   8 Kg.

This panel has a deck edge radius on both long edges. The panel is also marked with the cut out for the nacelle. 2 conduits will be glued in place for the trampoline rear attachment.


Weight;    36 Kg.

This panel was made earlier as a full panel. 200 kg foam was set in the at the hinge locations before it was infused. The hatch openings were cut out on the CNC machine and glass was laid up around the cut out to create a 12 mm lip. The hatches were vacuum bagged in a mold machined into a piece of 32mm MDF. The 12mm foam was cut undersize to create a gutter for the lip to fit under. As all 3 lockers are drained a water tight seal is not required. The 2 outside hatches can be held open to allow ventilation for each bedroom through a screened Port light in the back wall of each locker.