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1:   Front panel.

WEIGHT:   29 Kg

This panel is to be curved so it has been infused with no inner skin. 3 layers of 450gr uni laid over gel coat with 12mm Airex foam. 20mm grid scored face down. Perforations are spaced at 50mm but do not match grids. 300mm radius curves were 1mm Laminate. Tacky Tape sealed Laminate to table. Vacuum lines were at top edge of each radius. Infusion started at the middle & very slowly worked  along the panel to the curve. The resin struggled to work up the slope. Next time I will add peel ply & shade cloth to the slope.

2 :    Console rear panel.

    WEIGHT :  15 Kg
 This panel will be cut out to fit a bar fridge on the port side and a set of drawers to starboard. The layup is using 12mm foam.

3 :    Console.


This panel has been extended 300mm to allow space for a fridge to port & Chart drawers to Stbd. The Instruments & displays will be suspended under a lifting lid to allow protection from weather when not in use. The Compass shall be raised on a pedestal to allow viewing  over the 30 deg. raised console lid

4 : Curved Front Panel & Side Panel


Both these panels with the 300mm radius included in the infusion. The resin struggled to move through the uni glass in the radius area.

The front panel has been curved & set with the addition of the inside skin. The 2 side panels have been made & in this photo the 2 300mm radius ends are fitted together.