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Main Decks

The main hull decks were created as per the plans, but infused in three sections.The sections were separated at stations 3 and 6. No difficulties were experienced in the infusion of any of the panels. Below are the set up, infusion and final shots of the forward section. This section required no gelcoat as it is below the wing deck. Access to the forward section of the hull will be through a hatch in the side of the anchor locker. This will not be a storage area of the boat. Access will be for inspection or damage repair only.

The centre panel is gelcoated aft of the wing deck steps and the exposed half adjacent to the cabin. once again there are no hatches in this section. All 3 panels were set up with a resin injection line down the centre line and a vacuum line down each side of the panel  Peel ply was used to cover the deck edge radius to assist with the transfer of resin across the deck edge radius.


The aft section has 2 hatches in it. The large hatch is the "Engine Hatch" which will gain access to the transom steps, the main engine compartment and the next compartment aft of bulkhead E. The gelcoat on this section is as per the plans.